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Source: New Zealand Unions Activists and Left Political Parties

Headline: AFFCO Talleys at it again with t shirt threats – MWU

AFFCO Talleys bosses visited the picket line at AFFCO Feilding today to tell the workers that they can’t wear their Jobs that Count t shirt because they advertise the union’s Jobs that Count website.

Workers were told if they wore the t shirts there would be “repercussions” despite the picket not being held on AFFCO property.

The AFFCO Feilding picket is in its third week after long serving workers were told they wouldn’t get their jobs back after the seasonal lay-off.

“Instead of threatening the workers for wearing t-shirts they could have used the time to dialogue with the workers and find out their concerns,” says Michael Paltridge, MWU Organiser.

“AFFCO Talley’s attempts to shut down the voices of workers who are standing up for their rights are getting beyond ridiculous.”