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MIL OSI – Source: Auckland University of Technology – Press Release/Statement

Headline: 48hours: AUT teams share their experience

29 May, 2015

Three teams, sponsored by AUT University, competed in 48 hours of furious filmmaking as part of New Zealand’s largest Guerrilla filmmaking competition. Participants of the 48 Hour Film Festival are given exactly two days to write, shoot, edit and score a short film between 1 and 7 minutes in length. Each team are then given a randomly selected genre for their film.

The three AUT teams, Alpaca Picnic, Mise En Fleek and Colab, comprised of current AUT University students from different schools and film making experience. In total, over 40 AUT students took part in this year’s competition.

First time competitor and Mise En Fleek member Joshua Isofeo said, “The hardest part is actually coming up with a solid idea to run with. As the judges were revealing each genre, our whole team were nervously waiting. Once ‘Cat and Mouse’ was revealed as our genre our whole team screamed. We were pretty stoked as the genre gave us a lot to play with.”

 Colab member Tobias Heeringa said, “It was a good social experience, being able to hang out with people from my course outside of Uni, and get to know them better while working on a different kind of project.”

Despite the high pressure demands of the competition, the experience proved a valuable opportunity to the AUT students to hone their film making skills.

 “The highlight of the process was actually the pressure we were all under. It’s such a buzz to have that clicking clock at the back of your mind and knowing that other teams all over New Zealand are under the same pressure as well.

“I would do it again and again and again. The skills you develop in a short amount of time are incredibly valuable”, said Isofeo. 

Click below to watch the behind the scenes footage of the AUT teams.