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MIL OSI – Source: New Zealand First – Press Release/Statement

Headline: We Have A Flag And Don't Need A Referendum

The Leader of New Zealand First, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, has written an uncompromising opinion on the flag referenda process in today’s Otago Daily Times.

“New Zealand First refused to join the multi-party committee behind this Bill and I am looking forward to joining other submitters before the Select Committee,” Mr Peters said.

“Like the Returned Services Association we are unequivocally against any flag change and two referendums represent a gross waste of taxpayers’ money with so many worthy causes being unsupported.

“Unless National Party backbench MPs grasp the critical issues here and show some backbone then voters will be denied the democratic choice, ”Do you want to change New Zealand’s flag? Yes or No?” If the people answer ”No”, a second referendum does not arise.

There is so little philosophical strength underpinning this push for a referendum that the ”silver fern on a black background”, Mr Key’s first preference, was ditched after being parodied on John Oliver’s US television as being similar to Isis.

“This surely shows how vacuous the drive behind this uncalled-for change is,” Mr Peters said.

You can read Mr Peters opinion editorial here.