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MIL OSI – Source: Statistics New Zealand – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Preview of 2014 balance of payments improvements

This paper informs our customers about the planned improvements to New Zealand’s balance of payments and international investment position statistics that we will publish later in 2014.

The changes arise because we are implementing updated international standards from the Balance of Payment and International Investment Position Manual, 6th edition and the 2008 System of National Accounts.

Preview of 2014 balance of payments improvements indicates the size of the expected revisions, and provides information and analysis to help customers interpret the revised data.

Note: the balance of payments release on 17 September 2014 and the historical series will also include data changes arising from the regular annual benchmark revisions and other data quality improvements. These changes have a further effect on the data series. The balance of payments paper covers these changes as well and provides estimates of their effect on the key aggregates.

Due to implementing the new standards, we are are also publishing new series identifiers for balance of payments. See the corcordance tables in the available files for more details.

See Preview of 2014 national accounts improvements for more details on the changes to the national accounts.

For technical information, contact Salendra Kumar (Wellington 931 4600).

To read the paper, download or print the PDF from ‘Available files’. If you have problems viewing the files, see opening files and PDFs.

ISBN 978-0-478-42926-8  (online)

Published 22 August 2014