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Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Temporary villages at maximum capacity

There are grave concerns that the CETAS temporary villages in Christchurch East are reaching capacity and those with specific needs and the vulnerable may not get on the waiting  list, says Christchurch East MP  Poto Williams.

“In a  recent case an elderly couple, looking for temporary accommodation while earthquake repairs were being carried out, did not qualify as they have Insurance funds for accommodation. I would have thought that these are precisely the people that should be helped.

“The villages are under demand pressure and it appears criteria to qualify for CETAS accommodation has been changed. This change in criteria has come out of the blue.

“The criteria used to be a temporary need while your home or rented property was repaired. Now it seems that if you have an insurance accommodation allowance you cannot go on the waiting  list for CETAS but have to find accommodation yourself.

“I believe that elderly people may find it difficult to search out accommodation options. They may not have access to the internet and they will find it difficult to conduct online searches for temporary homes.

“These people will be forced into expensive or inappropriate situations. The elderly are vulnerable and should be a priority for CETAS, says Poto Williams.

“We need more temporary accommodation, that can be then be sold as affordable housing once the need for the villages is over.”

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