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MIL OSI – Source: Far North District Council – Release/Statement

Headline: Far North District Council – Council adopts new fines for littering

Far North District Council has expanded its fight against littering and illegal rubbish dumping with a new suite of fines.

The new Litter Infringement Policy was adopted by Council on Thursday 16 Feburary and allows for graduated fines of between $100 and $400.

Under the new regime, a first minor littering offence will attract a $100 fine. This climbs to $400 depending on the volumes and the type of litter involved. For example, hazardous or offensive litter, such as faeces or nappies, will attract the maximum $400 fine.

Previously, Council could only issue infringements of $400 regardless of the seriousness of the littering. This led to a high rate of non-payment of infringements, forcing Council into expensive and time-consuming court action. Councillors agreed that the new graduated system of fines would be a more effective deterrent against less serious littering.

For more serious offences, the Litter Act 1979 allows for fines of up to $7500 or one month’s imprisonment for offending likely to cause injury, disease or infection.

The new fines range from:
• $100 for the equivalent of one litre or less
• $150 from 1L to 20L
• $250 for 20L to 120L
• $400 over 120L
• $400 for hazardous litter and for repeat offenders.

The new fines regime will be in place by Easter.