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Special Extended IV: Labour’s Jacinda Ardern Joins Selwyn Manning To Talk About The Big Issues of 2012

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Special Extended IV: Labour’s Jacinda Ardern Joins Selwyn Manning To Talk About The Big Issues of 2012

In this special extended Triangle TV interview with Labour’s fourth-ranked MP Jacinda Ardern, Selwyn Manning examines the big issues of 2012.

  • See Also, David Beatson’s end-of-year interview with National’s Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye.
  • Selwyn Manning IVs Jacinda Ardern - Dec 24 2012The Big Picture from Labour’s POV:

    Q: The year has had its ups and downs for both the National-led Government and the Labour Party, how would you define the 2012 political year?

    You are ranked number four in the David Shearer Labour caucus.

    Q: What political position or brand is Labour seeking to establish this term?

    For example, some say Labour is seeking to poach support from centre/centre-right voters that have given their vote to National in the last two elections.

    Q: Is this accurate or is it just Tory-spin?

    The Opposition block appears to be functioning with a stronger sense of purpose, as compared to the last term.

    Q: From the inside, how to you see Labour’s relationship with the Green Party, New Zealand First, the Mana Party?

    Q: The next election is clearly a long way off. But is it time to build bridges with the Maori Party, in case Labour needs its support in 2014?


    One of the most significant issues to emerge in recent months is the Auckland property market – specifically the rapid rise of valuations being paid for Auckland homes.

    Q: Does Labour’s housing policy (to stimulate the construction of lower-cost homes up-to or around $300,000 each) resolve the increasing levels of household debt the hot Auckland housing market is creating?

    Q: Is the Auckland property market an issue that is begging for broad-based solutions, if so, what form are those solutions likely to take?

    OK, let’s examine the Auckland Council, its mayoralty, its relationship with the Beehive.

    It is palpably clear to anyone who observes such things that the relationship between the Beehive and the Auckland mayor is icy.

    Q: Why is this so, and what should be done about it?

    Q: Does Labour have a wish-list it would want the Auckland mayor to observe and comply with – after all three years ago your party backed his candidacy, and one would expect would do so again?

    The Employment Court recently ruled that the Ports of Auckland management breached the act by locking striking workers out, and pulling scab labour in to do their work.

    Q: During that much publicised industrial dispute, the Mayor was loathed to get involved. Labour has a significant number of unionists in the Caucus, were they satisfied with his performance?

    What about the waterfront, Auckland Central’s MP, Nikki Kaye, kicked off a debate mid-year that the Auckland City waterfront should be more accessible to people.

    Q: Does she have a point?

    Q: Should the Ports of Auckland be relocated to make room for more recreation and inner city accommodation?

    2013 – THE YEAR AHEAD

    Q: What are the issues that you are gearing up to tackle?

    Q: What will Labour achieve from opposition in 2013?

    Q: At this point in 12 months time, what will you use as your own appraisal points to gauge whether you have personally had a good or bad political year?

    And lastly, it is Christmas time.

    Q: What does Christmas time mean for you and your loved ones?

    Q: Are there a few BBQs planned over the holiday break? If so, is it a BBQ at Phil’s? Or are there a couple of Davids promising some light entertainment?

    The Beatson Interview broadcasts weekly on Triangle TV and webcasts on LiveNews.co.nz.

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