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An Interview With Jacinda Ardern: MSD/WINZ A Systemic Problem Or Human Error?

Published By   /   October 30, 2012  /   Comments Off on An Interview With Jacinda Ardern: MSD/WINZ A Systemic Problem Or Human Error?

MSD/WINZ: A Systemic Problem Or Human Error – Interview With Jacinda Ardern

Triangle TV/The Beatson Interview: The Government’s tight focus on the 20 to 30 thousand children of beneficiaries identified to be at risk of abuse or neglect in the care of beneficiary parents is certainly fodder for Opposition parties.

Certainly, Labour’s social development spokesperson Jacinda Arden has been blasting it across a broad front.

Over the past week Jacinda Ardern has issued statements claiming the Ministry of Social Development, specifically Work and Income New Zealand, has a systemic problem with information security and privacy.

Jacinda Ardern points to systemic problems that a range of state agencies have in handling confidential personal information.

So what’s Labour’s approach?

Selwyn Manning has been exploring the issues with Jacinda Ardern.

The Questions:

Q: Explain to us what kind of SYSTEMIC problem you believe is in evidence here.

You have also stated that this year alone there have been numerous reported incidents at the MSD involving information leaks and security breaches.

Q: What kind of information leaks and security breaches were these?

Q: Who is most affected by this problem?

Q: Why is it occurring?

Who Should Take Responsibility?

Q: Who is responsible?

As we all know, the National-led Government has slashed staff numbers inside the Public Service.

Q: Is this whole mess inside the Ministry of Social Development, and WINZ, partly caused by cuts to administration and WINZ staff numbers?

Q: How do you determine whether these breaches were human error or whether they occurred due to poorly constructed processes and administered systems?

Q: Is the Minister of Social Development responsible? If so, in what way?

Q: Has the Minister’s response to the privacy breaches and the WINZ ICT Kiosk security breach been satisfactory?

What Should Be Done To Remedy The Problem?

Q: The MSD and WINZ is clearly in quite a state, what should the Government do about it right now?

Q: Is this what Labour would do if it was in Government?

Q: What about the CULTURE inside the MSD and WINZ – What has gone wrong within the MSD that when told by an IT security firm it had serious security holes in its network, it did nothing about it?

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