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Beatson Interview: Selwyn Manning Interviews New Zealand’s Most Spied On Man

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Beatson Interview: Selwyn Manning Interviews New Zealand’s Most Spied On Man

Beatson Interview: With Selwyn Manning, October 15, 2012.

Who is New Zealand’s most spied-on man?

Well, here are some more clues…

1 He was 11 years old when the Security Service started tracking him.

2 He grew up in Christchurch – has a B.Sc from Canterbury University – a Masters in Sociology from the University of Alberta…

3 He’s been a railway worker, a freezing worker, a book-seller, an editor, and a university lecturer.

4 His political life has taken him through memberships in the Socialist Action League, the New Labour Party, the Alliance, and the Greens.

And the security service was still tracking him after he entered Parliament on the Green Party ticket in 1999.

No prizes for guessing… Of course he’s Keith Locke – and he’s been talking to Selwyn Manning about a life under the spies’ eyes…

* The SIS covertly photographed you
* Noted your relationships – romantic or otherwise
* Interfered in your employment
* Corresponded with your employers
* Tracked your movements
* Tracked your trips abroad
* Your speaking engagements
* The SIS filed information on the vehicle you drove
* The SIS analysed your character, your appearance – right down to your gold tooth.

Questions Include: What is it like to realise you have been under surveillance by your country’s spies for five decades?

Did you ever suspect you were under surveillance? If so what caused you to be suspicious?

The SIS consumed countless tax payers dollars on the surveillance.

The SIS even trawled through your private work with political constituents while you were a member of Parliament with the Green Party.

Should the Parliamentary oversight framework be re-examined and reformed to ensure the governance culture is accountable to the public and national interest? If so, how?

The Beatson Interview broadcasts weekly on Triangle TV and webcasts on LiveNews.co.nz.

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