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Beatson Interview – Selwyn Manning IVs Daniel Newman on AC Smothership Claims

By   /  July 10, 2012  /  Comments Off on Beatson Interview – Selwyn Manning IVs Daniel Newman on AC Smothership Claims

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Beatson Interview – Selwyn Manning IVs Daniel Newman on AC Smothership Claims

Manurewa Papakura Ward Board chair Daniel Newman is angry. He claims the powerful Auckland Council is acting like a mothership, smothering decisions made at a local level. How is this so?

Daniel Newman also claims that Auckland Councillors have “harvested cash from the outer suburbs of Auckland to fund Mayor Len Brown’s pet projects in the CBD”.

But is this simply a failure of this Supercity structure – in that it fails to empower local communities – rather it centralises power giving Auckland Council the right to veto budgetary decisions made at community board level?

What is behind Daniel Newman’s claim? Has Ackland Council become a mothership as he states? Is it fast becoming a ‘smothership?’ Or is this stouch just clever politics, simply local resistance born out of political spite – a situation where centre-left politicians won control of the Auckland Council leaving centre-right politicians angry at having lost their prize?


a) Let’s look at this ironic situation: In Manurewa there is a centre-right ticket representing a low socio-economic sector of south Auckland.

b) The local board wanted to spend funds on a sports facility to service a relatively poor community at Randwick Park near Manurewa.

c) But Auckland Council, a centre-left bloc, pulled $1.75 million from the local board’s budget – preferring that money fund a flower show at the Botanical Gardens. What is the situation now? Has a sensible outcome been agreed upon?


1. If you take a walk down Manurewa’s main street after dark on a Friday night the only entertainment on offer is street-side prostitution and seedy bars.

2. In just 50 metres of the eastern side of the Great South Road – between Hill Road and Halver Road – there are three darkly lit bars and liquor outlets chocker block with pokie machines.

3. In between these gaming bars are two finance outfits offering immediate cash loans. Put simply the ambience is anti-social.

4. This situation did not develop over the past 20 months, but over the last ten years.

QUESTION: Isn’t it a bit rich for your local government politicians now to claim they represent the Ward’s poor and youth?


1. Last week, Research New Zealand released a survey showing 63 per cent support for the Auckland rail loop and 29 per cent opposition.

2. The other 8 per cent did not know or care.

QUESTION: Why are central government and conservative Auckland Council politicians rallying to block what the people want?

QUESTION: Aucklanders want more public transport and want a rail network developed that should have been created decades ago.

How will centre-right local politicians deliver on that demand?

The Beatson Interview broadcasts weekly on Triangle TV and webcasts on LiveNews.co.nz.

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