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The Last Radio Wammo Show on KiwiFM & State of It – Nationals poll problem

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The Last Radio Wammo Show on KiwiFM & State of It – Nationals poll problem

The Last Radio Wammo Show on KiwiFM: Editor’s Note – A big thank you to Glenn on his last Radio Wammo show with KiwiFM. As you will all know Glenn is a wonderful talent and has been dedicated to pioneering a new age of broadcast/webcast media in New Zealand. He has shown us all how to do this and has also had the grace to always share not only his talent but his trade secrets too.

State Of It: There is a trend that is showing how John Key in the preferred prime minister stakes, once led out ahead of his party’s poll support, but that since the election that has been reversed. i.e.; Key once enjoyed polls showing support for him out there well above 50% while National would hover in the late 40s. Now we see the public switching off Key with him back on 40.5% while his party dips slightly to around 45%.

The equation clearly has the National Party jittery. It’s confidence appears to be dented and it is polling policy as if it was an election year. Why is this so?

Meanwhile, the voting public appears to be getting in behind a Labour/Green coalition as an alternative to a National-led Government. The red n green coalition is sustaining a rise in poll support and seems to have benefitted from what can be termed as a winter of discontent for National.

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